I am perpetually fascinated by art history; bowing to all those who have come before.  Currently, my obsession is Raphael and his working palette and thus, creating work based on the master’s palette. I circle around pigments that he used from ultramarine, lead tin yellow, carmine, vermillion, madder lake, verdi gris, ochres, Brazilian lake, metallic gold, metallic bismuth to more colors from the earth.  Exploring Renaissance colors in a way that a musician transposes music, I am choosing to rewrite with the same few notes. A collision of the past and present, directly on the surface, my role as artist becomes director of the actors. Exploring the light reflecting quality of the pigments, they speak of the past transcending time to be re-created on surfaces that echo the Renaissance madonnas, the bright colors on the cathedral ceilings to the transposition of Mother Nature and the awareness of the environment.