June 19, 2021—
August 31, 2021

Rome & Arrezzo, Italy

In recent years it has been increasingly evident how much humanity must review its habits towards the environment. Between cataclysms, global warming, excessive consumption of plastic and much more, we found ourselves like a pendulum swinging between the awareness of having to do more to protect our planet and the difficulty in taking and implementing serious measures globally.

Hindered by the idea that individual behaviors are like a drop of water in the sea, what sometimes escapes us is that each of us, in his own small way, can make a difference. But how? Wendell Berry, American writer and environmental activist, says: ” The only means by which we can preserve nature is culture “, and it is on this point that the relationship between the individual and the environment should increasingly be at stake.

It is in this same perspective that the collaboration between the La Nica Gallery in Rome, the first gallery certified with the Social Ethical Stamp®, and La Striscia Wine Resort in Arezzo, two realities linked to the world of culture that have long questioned each other, comes to life on how they could have made a contribution to this complicated dialectic between man and the environment.