Cool and Calm is the new Elisa Contemporary Art online exhibit.  During this time of Covid-19, that we are sheltered in place, we wanted to provide soothing and inspirational artwork.  We know there is an incredible power in art to heal and positively transform all our lives. 

Blue is often a primary color for calming.  It represents the sea, as well as the sky. It is associated with open spaces, a sense of freedom and expansiveness, and inspiration to reach beyond. The color blue has positive affects on the body, mind and spirit. Blue often engages the body to produce chemicals that create feelings of peace, ease and tranquility.

We’ll be exploring the color blue,  across a range of different mediums — including painting, limited edition prints, photography and works on paper. Featured artists include Carol Bennett, Paula Brett, Andy Burgess, John Conn, Michelle Gagliano, Marie Danielle Leblanc, Cynthia MacCollum, Dale Najarian, Rose Umerlik and Jason Wright.